Wide input voltage wide output voltage switch mode power supply

This is a design for a switch mode power supply based on the LM43602 IC from Texas Instruments.  It was designed to be as flexible as possible in regards to input voltage as well as output voltage and current capability. It is supposed to have excellent efficiency, output accuracy and dropout voltage.  The LM43602 is the 2 amp output version, there are other IC’s in the same family that provide in 0.5 A , 1 A, and 3 A outputs in pin to pin compatible packages.

The schematic and PCB was designed in Circuitmaker and is open source. You can find the project on Circuitmaker here.



Current Status:  PCBs and parts have been ordered for a prototype.


Specifications (from TI’s website):

Input Voltage (min) 3.5V
Input Voltage (max) 36V
Output Voltage (min) 1V
Output Voltage (max) 28V
Output Current 2A
Iq (typical) 0.027mA